“I’ve always been a designer. It’s the scope of what I design that constantly changes.”

— Ron Thompson

I work in advertising as a designer. But, Modern Luxury Magazine in Dallas once called me a “creative capitalist” for my approach to social enterprise. I use the money I make in the creative field, the influence I gain, and the resources that both will afford to create new companies using artists to address economic, social, and cultural challenges. I call this work my investments and they cross all creative sectors including the visual, performing, culinary, cinema, literary, education, and communication arts.

Admittedly, my ideas sometimes flop. Other times I can hit it out of the park. That's life for an artist-entrepreneur. We have to understand why something doesn't work, in order to make something else work really well. The trick is to keep exploring, keep investing, and definitely keep creating.

My favorite local nonprofit organization is the Sammons Center for the Arts. Located in a century-old water pumping station, they incubate startup performing arts groups and provide low-cost office, rehearsal, and performance space for established ones. In 2003 I was their Volunteer of the Year and my foundation was their 2009 Benefactor of the Year.

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